Booking and Payment

What are the prices of the rooms?

Off-Peak hours: $15  (Monday – Friday before 5:00PM) 
Peak hours: $18  (Monday – Friday after 5:00PM, Saturday and Sunday & all public holidays) 
Student (Off-Peak hours only): $12 (Student price applicable from Primary – University levels)
Children (12 years old and below): Peak hours: $15 & Off-Peak hours: $12

How do I make a booking?

1. Online booking
2. Walk-in (Subject to room availability). It is advisable to give us a call before making your way to Exit Plan
3. Corporate booking may be done through phone call or email us at

How do I make payment?

Book your slot online and payment (NETS/cash) will be made in Exit Plan.

What about corporate or horde bookings?

If you are looking to book the entire place down or at least half of it, please call us at +65 6536 4261  or email so that our Exit Planner can assist you to make your dreams come through fuss and hassle free.

How do I pay for the student price?

Students may book online first. You will have to show us your student pass and make payment through cash/NETS  at Exit Plan. 
Please note that student price is only applicable during off-peak hours.

Can I cancel my booking?

We do not allow cancellation of booking. However, you may change your booking at least 48 hours in advance.

How do I change my booking?

You may click on the “View/Change Booking” button in the confirmation email. You will be directed to your online booking and you may click on the “Change” button. You may change your bookings at least 48 hours in advance.

Game Questions

When should I arrive on the day itself?

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time to enjoy the full play time.

I havn't complete the room! Can I extend my session if my time is up?

Yes, for a fee of $12 for the whole room, an additional 10 minutes will be added just for you and your team.

Do I have to share room with other teams?

You do not have to share your room as long as your team meets the minimum players required for each particular room.
Simply book the minimum number of required players and you are all set to go!

What is the age limit?

 The recommended age is 13 – 101. You play for free if you are beyond 101. 
Children between the ages of 7 – 12 are recommended to be accompanied by an adult 18 years and over. 
Children below 7 are not allowed entry into game rooms for safety reasons.

How do I qualify for the Hall of Fame?

Complete the room within 50 minutes and comply with our game rules and your team will be immortalized as champions! That is, if no other team comes along and lay the smack down on your once awesome timing.

How long is the duration of the games?

Every room will have 50 minutes.

Can I play the same room twice or more?

Sure thing! As the saying goes, ‘Failure is just but a step closer to Success’. Challenge the room again if you have not conquered it and try to escape the room. Never give up!